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Three Treasures Newsletters

Summer 2017  

Heart and Kidneys Communication (video)

Summer 2017  

Clinical Use of the Back-Shu Points (video)

Winter 2016  

Patologia y Tratamiento de Invasiones de Viento - CC

Winter 2013  

Video – Little Treasures: Children’s Problems

Summer 2013  

Video – Use of the Women’s Treasure Remedies for Menopausal Problems

Summer 2013  

Video – Use of the Three Treasures Remedies for Digestive Problems

Spring 2013  

Important article by Chris Dhaenens on Aristolochia

Summer 2010  

Geriatrics in Chinese Medicine
Spring 2010  

Chemotherapy and Anti-Oxidants
Summer 2009  

Winter 2008  

Blood Stasis
Autumn 2008  

Soothe The Shen
Summer 2007  

3 Treasures Formulae
Spring 2007  

Allergic Rhinitis
Winter 2006  

Allergic Asthma
Autumn 2006  

The Treatment of Respiratory Infections
Summer 2006  

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
July 2006  

Safety of Chinese Herbal Medicine (PDF)
Spring 2006  

Winter 2005  

Avian Influenza and Chinese Medicine
Autumn 2005  

Men's Sexual And Prostate Problems In Chinese Medicine
Summer 2005  

Chemotherapy and Chemo-Support
Spring 2005  

Questions and Answers
Winter 2004  

Families of Remedies
Autumn 2004  

Spleen-Qi Tonics
Summer 2004  

Nine New Remedies in the Three Treasures Range
Spring 2004  

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Winter 2003  

Autumn 2003  

Qi Stagnation
Summer 2003  

Blood Stasis and the Blood-Invigorating Method
Spring 2003  

The Three Treasures and Women's Treasure - Quality Control - New Tablet Concentration
Winter 2002  

The Four Phases of the Menstrual Cycle
Autumn 2002  

Summer 2002  

Spring 2002  

Bi Syndrome
Winter 2001  

Diseases of the Respiratory System
Autumn 2001  

Digestive Problems
Summer 2001  

Spring 2001  
Winter 2000  

Radiotherapy and Radio-Support
Autumn 2000  

The Treatment of Diseases of Old Age
Summer 2000  

Adult Age
Spring 2000  

Adolescence and Young Age
January 2000  

Winter 1999  

The Treatment of Children