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Women’s Treasures Manual


Women’s Treasures by Pattern: Click Here

Women’s Treasures by Symptom: Click Here

Women’s Treasures by Formula:

Clear Empty-Heat and Cool the Menses
Clear the Moon
Clear the Palace
Cool the Menses
Drain the Jade Valley
Drain Redness
Ease the Journey - Yang
Ease the Journey - Yin
Female Treasure
Free Flow
Free-Flowing Sea
Freeing Constraint
Freeing the Moon
Growing Jade
Harmonizing the Moon
Heavenly Empress
Invigorate Blood & Stem the Flow
Nourish Yin & Restrain the Flow
Penetrating Vessel
Planting Seeds
Precious Sea
Restrain the Flow
Stir Field of Elixir
Unicorn Pearl
Warm the Mansion
Warm the Menses
Warm the Palace

Click here to download an expanded version of the manual that includes mental-emotional patterns for each remedy.

Click here to dowload a list of correspondences between classical prescriptions and the Three Treasures remedies.

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