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The Three Treasures and Women's Treasure Formulae

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Three Treasures Liquid ExtractsGiovanni Maciocia is pleased to announce the production of the Three Treasures and Women’s Treasure in liquid extract form. Initially, 26 of the best selling remedies will be available in 50ml bottles that come with a built-in dropper, and gradually more will be introduced.

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Liquid extracts are a very convenient way to take herbal remedies which some patients prefer. Just a few drops are dissolved in a small amount of water and swallowed.

Liquid extracts are based on a mixture of water and alcohol which ensures that all active ingredients are extracted (that is because some are water-soluble and some alcohol-soluble). There is no heat involved in the making of liquid extracts so that volatile oils are not lost. However, please note that the manufacturing process of the Three Treasures tablets also ensures that volatile oils are not lost.

The active ingredients in liquid extracts are readily absorbable and, crucially, their absorption begins in the mouth.

If wanted, the alcohol can be evaporated by pouring the liquid extract drops into hot water and letting them stand for a few minutes. It is recommended that this is done for children.

The Three Treasures and Women’s Treasure liquid extracts are made in the Netherlands under GMP standards. The raw materials are acquired under the strictest herb selection and identification protocols available. Only the finest and freshest herbs are bought. The raw herbs are then inspected for conformity and species verification by experienced botanists in Europe.

Each batch of every product is subject to careful analysis to ensure a consistent and stable amount of active ingredients. QC is reflected in a final certificate listing all relevant information and test results, which include the botanical name, organoleptic properties, thin-layer-chromatography (TLC) for the constituent herb and standard test for bacteria (e.g. salmonella, coli bacteria, total bacteria count, moulds and yeasts). A spectrometry analysis also detects the presence of heavy metal values whilst gas chromatography further ensures safety by testing for over 200 potentially harmful substances such as pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. Herbs susceptible to contamination by aflatoxins are tested separately.

Please note that the Three Treasures and Women’s Treasure remedies are, and always have been, free from aristolochic acid. Also, the Three Treasures and Women’s Treasure remedies do not contain any mineral or animal substance to comply with European laws and they have the seal of approval from the UK Vegetarian Society.

The dosage of herbal remedies is subject to many variables such as age, weight and digestive system condition of the patient.  The recommended range of dosage for an adult is 10-30 drops 2-3 times a day, i.e. between 20 and 90 drops a day.  Generally speaking, one uses higher doses for acute cases and lower ones for chronic cases.
The above suggested dosage should be reduced in children and the elderly (in proportion to their age) and also in patients whose digestive system is weak.

For a more detailed discussion of dosage and safety of Chinese herbal remedies please see the Newsletter of July 2006 (Safety of Chinese Herbal Medicine).

The following remedies are available: